Downloads for Adobe InDesign

Try-out versionMac OS 9Mac OS XWindows
DTP Tools Cloud 1.0 for Adobe InDesign
Active Tables 1.0 for Adobe InDesign
Annotations 1.1.5 for Adobe InDesign
Blatner Tools 1.0 for Adobe InDesign
Cross-References PRO 1.1.9 for Adobe InDesign/InCopy
History 2.3 for Adobe InDesign/InCopy
Keyboard Shortcuts 1.1.1 for Adobe InDesign/InCopy
Layer Comps 2.1.2 for Adobe InDesign
Layer Groups 2.1 for Adobe InDesign
Layer Tools 2.1 for Adobe InDesign
Linkfo 1.0 for Adobe InDesign
MIF Filter 1.1.1 for Adobe InDesign
Page Control 2.2 for Adobe InDesign
Power Groups 1.0 for Adobe InDesign
Power Styles 1.0 for Adobe InDesign
Text Count 1.2 for Adobe InDesign/InCopy
Tetris 1.2 for Adobe InDesign/InCopy
URL2hyperlink 1.0.1 for Adobe InDesign/InCopy

To see the download size or product version, click on the product name to navigate to its home page.

All downloads on this page are installers of the plug-ins. After installation the products will be in the trial mode (trial mode limitation differs but for most products it is 14-days period of full functionality). If you have purchased the pruduct, you can use the same installer and activate your trial after installation. Documentation can be downloaded from the products home pages.

Free readers downloads

Cross-References free reader can be downloaded from Cross-References home page

Page Control reader installs from the same installer as full product - installer offers you the option to install just the reader.

Plug-in files downloads vs. Installers

Due to large number of variety of version combinations, it is currently not possible to download just the plug-in files without installer. If for any reason you'd prefer to place the plug-in files yourself, please contact us specifying desired product, host application version and OS you are using.