We don't mean to speak badly of Adobe InDesign, but the program has a huge flaw: It's too easy for it to lose its memory! For example, each time you add a new plug-in, InDesign gets confused, resets all its preferences, and even forgets your list of recent files. Worse, if something goes wrong and you have to reset (rebuild) your preferences, there's no good way to get your settings back. Frustrating!

Remember is a simple plug-in with very little user interface. It simply remembers your preferences, recently opened documents, and other settings -- and recalls them if they get reset. Even better, it can export and import your preferences files (including Glyph Sets, Workspaces, Find/Change queries, and more) so that you can easily share them with other InDesign users.


Here's how Remember works:

Restore Preferences: If your preference files are erased or the default preferences reapplied, Remember asks if you want to restore your last settings. This includes a snapshot of your recently opened documents and options in the Preferences dialog box. Similarly, if your Recent Documents list is erased, Remember can restore it next time you launch InDesign:

Remember startup dialog

If you choose NO, your recent documents list will be permanently discarded. 

Export/Import Preferences: Remember preferences are part of the InDesign Preferences dialog box: Edit -> Preferences. You can choose whether to store InDesign preferences and/or the list of recent documents.

You can also export a file that includes the Preference dialog box settings, glyph sets, workspaces, autocorrect settings, color settings, shortcut sets, and menu sets. You can later import that information again, or send it to a colleague to import on their computer. For more on exporting preferences, click here.

Remember preferences

Note: InDesign can technically only save or load preferences files upon quitting or launching the program. For that reasons, whenever you load, export, or Remember your Preferences, you will need to quit and re-launch InDesign.