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An easy way to make your pdf's more interactive without tedious manual hyperlink creation. A must have tool for converting legacy print documents into e-books.

This inexpensive tool prevents problems with incorrect hyperlinks in your electronic output documents. Simply having it turned on ensures URL's in your document always point the right way (or at least the same way as the typed text).

CS5 version of InDesign contains a similar feature, but, as said in InDesignsecrets.com roundup of new features - it's not as clever as DTP Tools' URL2Hyperlink plug-in - so for those who can't afford to omit a hyperlink or have an incorrect URL assigned, we've upgraded our plug-in to support CS5. Upgrade for current users is free as always.


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Mac OS X Edition
installer, 14 days try-out, CS3 & CS6

Date published:9/4/2015


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Windows Edition
installer, 14 days try-out, CS3 & CS6

Date published:4/28/2013


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