About DTP Tools

DTP Tools Ltd. is the leading provider of InDesign, InCopy and InDesign Server solutions.

With widely-renowned InDesign plug-ins such as Cross-References, Page Control, History or Keyboard Shortcuts, we help make tens of thousands of worldwide InDesign users more efficient and more fun.

The 8 years of continuous investment into research have enabled us to market cutting-edge custom solutions to customers who demand the most efficient document workflow.


DTP Tools is committed to sustainability in its business procedures. By strictly keeping all our documents electronic, not creating the packaged product, not filling your mailbox with unrequested paper mail and using double sheet printing recycled paper as well as recycling our waste, we've by mid 2010 saved:

  • Trees Saved 1,938
  • Water Saved (gals.) 1,646,33
  • Landfill Reduced (Lbs.) 174,581
  • Net Greenhouse Emissions Reduced (paper savings only) (Lbs.)338,6651
  • Energy Reduced (BTU) (000) 2,228,700

Further environment impact was reduced by absence of shipping, strict reduction of air travel in favor of teleconferencing, office locations are chosen to encourage public transportation commute and eco-friendly approach is promoted throughout the company.

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