Cross-References PRO for Adobe InDesign/InCopy

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Feature expansion scripts

The following automation scripts for the Cross-References are available free of charge upon request.

  • Automatic cross-referenced Table of Contents
    Creates Table of contents in a similar way that InDesign does, but with Cross-References PRO, updating chapter names and page numbers in real time.

  • Replace Index entries with Cross-References PRO
    Replaces the index entries with Cross-References PRO, updating page numbers in real time.

  • Find/replace font in Cross-References
    Searches for fonts, font styles, colors in Cross-References PRO format definitions and replaces with the font.

  • Convert Cross-References PRO to text code
    To protect the cross-references pro data in your documents when using translation software or sending just the text for translatinon or editing, convert your references to a text code before the text leaves InDesign. After re-importing you can re-create all references automatically by running the script again.

  • Automatic cross-references
    Analyze the document based on user set cross-referencing pattern and automatically create cross-references.

  • Quick Cross-references
    Quickly create a cross-reference by choosing an existing text anchor and cross-reference format. We recommend assigning a keyboard shortuct to this command to meke it more efficient.

Sample scripts

These JavaScript samples demonstrate Cross-References scripting capabilities.

Additional formats

Open the document to review available formats. Close all documents and choose "Load Formats" in Cross-References menu and select one of the following documents to load formats into your workspace.


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