Cross-References PRO for Adobe InDesign/InCopy


Cross-References plug-in delivers ultimate cross-referencing functionality to Adobe InDesign and InCopy. The software is seamlessly integrated with the application, all functionality is easily accessible through main menu, context menu and Cross-References panel. This product is the definite answer to any cross-referencing need.

Formats and elements

Cross-reference format consists of elements:

Basic format elements are: file name, footnote number, page number, paragraph number, paragraph text and chapter number (CS3 only).

Each reference and its components can have a specific character style or style override.

Each reference part can be set to appear only in selected languages.

Plug-in comes with pre-defined formats, user defined formats can be added using easy UI or XML code.

Relative page references, such as "previous" or "opposite page", are supported and can be customized.

References can optionally work as hyperlinks for easier creation of electronic output.

Creating references

References can be made to pre-made source markers, or to any text searchable in style filtered lists.

References - selected or all - can be converted to text.

References can point across documents.

References within open documents are automatically updated.

References can quote variables from the source text.

Supports conversion of FrameMaker cross-references when used with DTP Tools MIF Filter import plug-in.

Cross-References plug-in has a panel with markers and references list and easy access to the features.

Following and preceeding paragraphs with specified formating can be used instead of selected source.

Cross-References plug-in is scriptable (see Sample scripts and formats for script downloads).

Support for saving as .inx and .idml.

Unresolved x-refs preflight.

InCopy compatibility.

Re-link feature.

Can't see a feature you need? Share your idea with us. This list is result of the cooperation between us and users like you.


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