Text Count for Adobe FrameMaker


Text Count, counts and estimates text elements and calculates their price.

Count features

Counts characters including and excluding spaces, words, paragraphs, manuscript lines and manuscript pages. Counts overflow characters and words.

Counts in selection, paragraph, text frame, story, page, and the whole document.

When the text in selected range is overset, you will see exact amounts of overset too.

Estimate features

Estimates characters and words needed to fill text chain or frame, using defined style and document language.

Estimates in text chain which is either empty or has some remaining space.

Price calculation features

Text Count can calculate price per stroke, word, manuscript line or page and price per article (word count range). Uses user defined currency.

Results are shown real time in application palette and in form of a report - professionally document using indexed copy of counted document and all desired data about its content.


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