Power Styles for Object Styles

Power Styles plugin offers two actions for Object Styles (Create All Objects Styles  and Compare Styles) . These actions are accesssible from drop-down menu of Object Styles dialog box (see figure 12).

Object Styles

Figure 12

Create All Objects Styles

The functionality is pretty much the same as Character Styles' s one. This action analyzes document, looking for all the objects that are somehow customly formatted and are not in any style yet. Then generates Object Styles for these (with a brand new name - the name could not be derived from the original object style by adding the attribute differences, as there are too many object attributes and the name would become unredeable. See figure 13 - New Object Style 1 and New Object Style 2) to match that formatting and applies it to the appropriate text.

Create All Object Styles

Figure 13

Compare Styles

Power Styles plugin offers comparing the styles in table format directly in InDesign. Just select the styles you would like to compare in Object Styles dialog box and right-click on them or click on drop-down menu in Object Styles dialog box and choose Compare Styles. InDesing will automatically generate well-arranged table view of all the atributtes that are different between those styles (figure 14).  The comparative table can be saved as a TXT file.

Compare Object Styles

Figure 14